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Jeidant Cosmetica products 

Natural line for face and body


Jeidant Cosmetica offers its own customers the best facial and the well-being care products. Jeidant cosmetics are safe, natural and suitable to meet any need. Among these are: micellar water, detergent milk, anti-age eye contour, regenerating tonic, creams, gel.



Jeidant Cosmetica not only performs face products but also cosmetics for body wellness. The catalog is very wide and includes: smoothing gel, elasticizing and draining cream, moisturizing and energizing oil, hand cream, foot cream, clay treatments and many other products.




Aloe Vera

Its cosmetic properties are definitely bonding, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antibiotic. Important is that its owen extraordinary powers are not due to the active elements contained but to the fact that they work in synergy with each other by increasing the benefits of each other.

Slug Slime

It is a secretion produced by specific glands located at the foot of the snail. It stimulates the regeneration of the tissues, it elasticizes the skin with hydratating and refreshing effects.

Almond Oil

It is emollient, nutritious and elasticizing. It helps to avoid the 

appearance of stretch marks. Thanks to having a composition very similar to 

the skin sebum, it is very well assimilated as it recognizes it as a friend. Ideal for 

sensitive and dry skin.


Azelaic Acid

It is naturally contained in wheat, rye, and barley. Effective against various 

skin diseases such as acne, antibacterial useful to combact free radicals and to
reduce inflammation.

It is particularly effective on Melasma, also known as Cloasma, an aesthetic disorder caused by the excessive production and storage of melanin in the skin.

Mandeli Acid

It is an alpha-hydroxy acid extracted from bitter almond, being the only alpha 

hydroxy acid to enjoy a natural antibiotic action, in the past was used in medicine

as an antibiotic. 

Among its benefits, it improves hyperpigmentation, that is, skin renewal. Acid acts on the skin breaking the bond between the dead and damaged cells still 

present on the skin.


Kojic acid

It is among the most active biological substances to fight the skin blemishes. It belongs to the family of hydroxy acid and is found in nature in some mushrooms, and is extracted from cocoa, bran oil, olive oil and others. Its main feature is to block enzymes that forms melanin.

Glycolic acid

It is a molecule of natural origin, the main sources of glycolic acid are sugar cane, beetroot, sour grapes, pineapple and melon. The main feature is the ability to

cross all layers of the skin, making it one of the most used principles as exfoliating. Particularly suitable for promoting the remission of acne and 



It is a mixture of saponite present in horse chestnut notes for its own anti-inflammatory action, useful for the health of the circulatory system and against cellulite.

Black Currant Oil

Helps alleviate skin damage caused by UVA rays and free radicals. It has emollient and decongestant properties.


Goji berries

They are highly antioxidant, contain protein, carbohydrate, sodium, phosphorus, sugar,
potassium, omega 3, omega 6, vitamin C and B1. They help keep cholesterol, triglycerides under control and strengthen the immune system.


It is an extract of the bark of French Maritime Pine and represents one of the most
powerful antioxidant complexes in nature. It has antiallergic, anti-allergic and antithrombotic anti-inflammatory properties. It also binds and protects collagen (the protein that keeps the skin firm and smooth).

Vinaccioli Oil

It is rich in antioxidants. At the cosmetic level it is very important to fight cellulite, strengthen the skin while keeping it smooth and soft, fighting signs of expression and wrinkles preventing it from forming and countering inflammation.



Echinacea extract is obtained from the root of Echinacea angustifolia, a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. 

The main components are some derivatives of caffeic acid, it has regenerating and elasticizing properties.

Rose Mosqueta

It has an regenerating and healing effect of skin tissues. Therefore it attenuates the
blemishes caused by scars, stretch marks and sunburn.

Colloidal Silver

It is a therapeutic remedy with regenerating properties for skin and tissues, as well as an effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal.