Your skin, our passion

Jeidant Cosmetica is born from the idea of promoting beauty and

Made in Italy.

Our first goal is to produce high quality products

that can be used by women of all ages.

A line of delicate

and natural creams in Milan that

takes care of the skin and the spirit of every woman. We like to define

a family that seeks to build a better future for the next



Ciemme was born more than 25 years ago from the idea of Mr Mario

Castellazzi to propose a newly designed beauty center which offered

the customers the latest news of this sector as a line of delicate and natural creams in Milan.

The search for the most innovative products and techniques is

still a constant for Ciemme Hairdressers and Aesthetics. Today, Ciemme stands

as the first Jeidant pilot center in Italy. In our seat it

will be possible to form the beauticians with the Jeidant parameters and models.